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Law of Attraction – Fact or Fiction

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The Law of Attraction has been a very popular subject lately!  Many books have been written about it.  Tons of articles are showing up all over the internet and movies have even been made about it – all expounding the potential effects of this “wonderful” and “powerful” tool for creating what you want in life!

But is it for real?  Does it really work?  These are the questions many people are asking.  And if so, how does it work?   And what does it take to get it working for us in our lives?

Years ago, when I was studying some of the early texts written about the ‘law of attraction’, which wasn’t even called that at the time, i ‘used’ my family as my guinea pigs.  I tried to make it fun.  I issued each of us a different colored composition book and held weekly “play sessions” trying out the tenets of the different principles outlined in the books I was reading.  I presented one piece of the puzzle each week along with a fun exercise, activity or process; i even gave homework!  On week we did “Flip-Switching”, a fun easy way to change your vibration from ‘a bummer to a hummer’ by changing your point of focus to something that makes you feel good and then flowing that good feeling for as long as you can!  And since there is ‘magic’ in holding a positive thought for at least 16 seconds, we did “Scripting” where we became the writer, director, casting and set designer of our own little play.  We built blocks of 16 seconds of ‘good feeling’ one upon the other, each one helping to attract the next until we had a potent pyramid of ‘pulling power’ drawing to us what ever it was we were wanting!  I have to admit they weren’t nearly as enthusiastic about this project as I was, especially my 10 year old son.   At that age he was far more interested in computer games and cars.  I wasn’t even sure he was paying attention half the time when we were doing the lessons and processes, but he was a good sport and went along with me.

A few months later, we were heading to China to visit my brothers.  We had an 11:35 pm flight out of LAX  on China Air.  We were super excited!  We checked in at United Airlines as our China Air flight was booked through them.  Next we headed down to the international gates and settled in awaiting our departure on what would be a 13 hour flight.  When the time came to board, the China Air staff looked at our tickets and politely asked us to stand aside.  They took our boarding passes back behind the desk and began punching in ‘I don’t know what’ on their computers.  At this point we began getting a little nervous.  Finally, in broken English, they instructed us to go back to the United Air counter and have our tickets reissued.  Well, the departure time was getting really close now and as LAX is a huge airport, we took off running all the way back out of the international gates area, outside, hopped on a shuttle and then ran back to the United Airlines check in.  Drenched in sweat, we arrived only to find it completely closed down.   The only human in sight was a man pushing a wide dust mop across the vacant space!  It felt like we were in an episode of the Twilight Zone.  We looked at each other in disbelief!  What were we going to do now?  We quickly decided the only thing we could do was go back to China Air and explain that there was no one at the United desk.  So back we went, caught the shuttle again and ran back to the China Air gate.  At this point, our flight had already begun boarding and most of the passengers were on the plane.  We feverishly began explaining the outcome of our race to the attendants.  They began speaking vigorously in Chinese to each other, going back and forth.  We could see the stress on their faces as they were trying to figure out what to do with us.  At this point we were just hoping to get ON the flight!  We had resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably wouldn’t be seated together, but we didn’t care; we just wanted to make in on!  We were now the only ones left in the boarding area.

Finally, one of the attendants motioned to us and with our tickets in her hand, she began leading us down the jet way.  About half way another attendant coming from the plane, stopped her and after a hurried conversation in Mandarin, they turned us around and led us back out to the desk.   Beside ourselves now, we just surrendered to the whole experience.  It was no longer in our hands and perhaps never had been.  Once again after another conversation, the attendant led us down the jet way and this time onto the plane.  A flight attendant monitoring the doorway directed us to the left.  I will never forget what i saw next…as we entered the cabin, we were greeted by a dashing flight attendant with a cool damp cloth and a silver tray lined with glasses of champagne, orange juice, and cold water…we were being seated in Business Class!  Each of us was escorted to a seat that was more like a bed!  We each had our own TV with movies, games, and other activities.  In the ‘seat’ there was a blanket, pillow and a bathroom kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, eye cover, ear plugs, etc.

Business Class

We looked at each other in disbelief…all but my son.  He looked up at me and calmly said, “That vibe thing, law of attraction stuff really works.”  I said, “what do you mean?”  He said, “Well ever since we did those activities, I’ve been thinking about flying First Class to China and now here we are.”  I shook my head in amazement and in that moment realized the power to co-create our world really was possible!


*** Jill lives in San Diego, where she leads Living From The End Workshops and is a Transformational Life Coach teaching and guiding others how to create a life you love!  She works over the phone for those who do not live in the San Diego area.  www.YourWellWithin.com for more information.