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Searching for the perfect partnership, one that is deeply romantic and soul-fulfilling yet filled with fun and laughter too? Want all your relationships to be full of love, kindness and joy…at home and at work?  Relationships are about connection and provide us with a sense of belonging. We have a natural desire to love and be loved. Be guided on a journey of self discovery.  Explore love, freedom and aloneness.  Learn to stand in your own personal power and shine the light of love, creating extraordinary relationships.

Life Transitions

Life is a river of change.  When the waters get rough, it can be difficult to navigate alone.  Entering a new stage of your life?  Divorce, moving, job change, going back to school or entering a changing role as a parent?  Lost a loved one?  These are doorways into a new way of being and growth!  Discover how these can be the currency to live a happier, healthier, richer life!


Want more money to flow into your life? Is your relationship with money holding you back from ‘showing up’ as your ‘true calling’?  A lot of us have limiting beliefs about money from our childhoods…”money doesn’t grow on trees”, “it isn’t spiritual to have money”, “money is hard to come by”, “having money is greedy” and many more.  Get access to and dissolve these undermining beliefs and open a floodgate of money that is waiting for you to let it in!  A true rich life involves bringing consciousness and love to every corner including our relationship to money!

Body & Wellness

Are you facing a health crisis?   It can be a very scary time in your life.  Having someone help you deal with the challenges, keep perspective, stay positive and de stress as you face the challenges and decisions can be a Godsend!
How many times have you started a workout program or new diet only to quit after a few days, weeks, or months?  Ever wonder what keeps you tripping you up?  Uncover the internal mechanisms that are sabotaging your success and implant new strategies and accountability that will lead you effortlessly to your health and fitness goals.

A problem can not be solved with the same level of thinking that created it.

-Albert Einstein

The road will rise to meet you if you just take the first step…

One on One Coaching

Feel stuck in a problem? Feel like you are repeating the same pattern over and over? One on One Coaching is designed to pinpoint the problems, find your hidden strengths, and implement strategies to break the patterns forever. For a ‘specific problem solution’, Jill offers a powerful 90 minute session. For ongoing coaching, check out the mentorship option.
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Dream Sculpting Mentorship

Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month packages of 1, 2 or 4 sessions of One on One coaching each month. This is a co-creative partnership with Jill for those desiring radical shifts and permanent change. The sessions provide ongoing perspective and guidance to assist you in finding ‘your’ way to your personal power, confidence, and joy! It uses your life experiences to shed light on old patterns and implement new habits. This enables you to identify your true desires, set new intentions and choose behaviors in alignment with your own inner guidance all culminating into a life you LOVE!

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Group Coaching

Join a Mastermind group, or form one of your own by enrolling your key employees, friends or family members. Form a clear vision of your goal, implement a step by step process for achieving it. Receive co-created ‘homework’. Weekly group calls hold you accountable, shine light on achievements and provide support and insight as to the challenges that arise. Done by Skype or weekly conference call. Super affordable. 6 person limit. Get the benefits of the collective and save money too!

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Living From the End Workshops

A step by step process for manifesting your true desires! Whether it is your dream job, dream partner, or dream body…whether it be radiant health or flowing wealth…learn the science and universal laws of manifesting and take the mystery out of creating the life of your dreams. Class exercises, homework, accountability, and community make these fun and uniquely powerful. Jill’s lovingly passionate guidance make them inspiring, resourceful and life altering. Offered in person via One Day Intensives or 6 Week formats and in a Mastermind style (via phone or Skype) for out of area participants.

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Qigong & TaiQi

These ancient healing practices of breath and movement have been credited with lowering blood pressure, improving organ function, bone density and balance, and boosting the immune system. For athletes you will improve and speed recovery time, and strengthen ligaments and tendons which will decrease injury and improve overall performance. Private, individualized sessions and classes are available.

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Energy Healing

Counter balance the everyday stressors of life and allow your body, mind, emotions, and spirit to be nourished creating feelings of peace, security, and well-being. Experience techniques for stress reduction and relaxation that also promote healing. It feels like a wonderful, glowing radiance that flows through and around you and treats the whole person.

Energy healing sessions can be enhanced with the addition of the BioMat and Essential Oils.  The BioMat infuses the session with Amethyst Far Infrared light which speeds tissue detoxification and induces a deep state of relaxation.  The Essential Oils are then applied to specific areas of the body and it’s energy centers to incorporate the vast healing capacity of the plant kingdom.

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What people are saying about Jill’s work…

"Every time life throws me a curve ball and I feel stuck in a pattern and to be honest suffering a bit, Jill is the first person I call. Her coaching is gentle and full of unconditional support. Within 15-20 minutes of getting on the phone I can already feel a new perspective emerging. She seems to ask just the right questions that help me see my situation in a much more positive light. I feel so lucky to have her as my coach"

− -Kai V., Acupuncturist, Santa Cruz, Ca

"Each time I feel that way I turn to your work, and I’ve had the experience this week of feeling chills of relief and it occurred to me that these feelings of lightness are the very food that nourish my DNA. I think that’s what you were telling me when you talked about higher and lower vibrations and like attracting like. I think I get that now and getting it makes all the difference. Thank you so much!"

− Les J., Tucson AZ

"Jill is an excellent qigong teacher. I took classes from her for a year at a nearby gym and the only reason I remained a member, was because of Jill's qigong classes! Her teaching skills & leadership qualities were always very clear, varied for interest, accommodating for different learning purposes, & organized for maximum personal benefit. She took into consideration the abilities of each and every student while teaching. She also taught us many interesting things about the background, value, and benefits of qigong. Her manner was always kind and thoughtful, fun yet serious. It was obvious how much she cared about each and every student. I strongly recommend her!"

− Joan T. Carlsbad, CA

"Jill is an amazing guide, coach, and teacher of many modalities...Qi Gong and Tai Qi being just two. Her patience and awesome ability to break down each move give clarity and confidence and has helped me excel. Jill is the best!"

− Linda M. Carmel Valley, CA

"Two and a half years ago I had blood clots in my left leg and both lungs…a scary ordeal and further complicated by a heart condition. My cardiologist suggested that I look into qigong, mediation and other ways to deal with the stress in my life. I found Jill who is both a Qigong Instructor and a Life Coach. I began weekly coaching sessions and a Qigong session each week. I had so much to learn…Health and Harmony of Mind and Body is a constant vigil. This is now a part of my life. I will never forget what she has taught me."

− Frank M., Former CEO of Coromega Company Vista, CA